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This page provides the basic dimensions, bush and spindle information for the ECO product range of Omeg potentiometers. Go to ECO Potentiometer Data for the electrical and mechanical specifications; and
go to ECO Potentiometer Types to select the unswitched model types available in this range.


In the diagram below the potentiometer terminals are marked A, S and E. ECO basic dimensions


The ECO bush housing is made of glass filled nylon, the thread is M10 x0.75mm pitch and 8mm long, alternatively a 12mm long thread is also available from October 2008.

Do not attempt to prevent any unwanted body rotation by overtightening the retaining nut, since this can cause thread damage, distortion, change of electrical resistance and restrict shaft rotation. BS9130:1972 provides further details on this topic. The recommended torque for tightening the retaining nut is 45cN.m and this can be achieved cost effectively by using a Torque Limiting device as shown on our Accessories page.

ECO bush


The ECO plastic spindles are fixed and not removable.
They are available in the following three diameters:

Cylindrical and Flatted Spindles

ECO plastic spindles

Splined Spindle (6.0mm diameter)

A splined form is also available on the 6.0mm diameter ECO plastic spindle.
Please note that this splined form is only available in a length (L) of 19mm. ECO splined plastic spindles
This information is supplied in good faith but the customer is politely reminded that it is their responsibility to check the suitability of our products for their particular application, production techniques and processes. Please note that all dimensions are for reference purposes only and, as it is the Company's policy to continuously improve our products, we reserve the right to incorporate changes without notice.