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A spline knob which features a matt black body with a choice of 9 different coloured pointers moulded into the body.

p570 Spline Knob
PUSH FIT for 6 mm SPLINE spindles
P570-06 Matt black body with beige pointer
P570-16 Matt black body with red pointer
P570-26 Matt black body with green pointer
P570-36 Matt black body with yellow pointer
P570-46 Matt black body with blue pointer
P570-56 Matt black body with black pointer
P570-66 Matt black body with white pointer
P570-76 Matt black body with grey pointer
P570-86 Matt black body with orange pointer

New Product - We can now accept enquiries for a 'soft touch' alternative to this knob, please contact our Sales office and ask about the P670 series.

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