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This page provides the specification and switch terminal configuration for the Omeg Rotary Switch potentiometer; also the basic dimensions for the rotary switch module mounted on three different potentiometers.

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The following are provided as typical examples only. The specific dimensions can be found for each model from the relevant link on the Potentiometer Type page.
In the diagrams below the potentiometer terminals are marked A, S and E.

Rotary Switch with ECO Potentiometer

OW16ECO/B1OW1S photo OW16ECO/B1OW1S dimensions
ECO switch PC2S footprint

Rotary Switch with P16 Potentiometer

ECO 4A switch and P16 pot (PC16BU/B4OW2S) ECO switch dimensions (PC16BU/..OW2S)

Rotary Switch with P20 Potentiometer

ECO 4A switch and P20 pot (PC20BU/B4OW1S) PC20BU/B4OW1S dimensions


The rotary switch module is Certified by UL International Demko A/S to EN61058-1 with Cenelec Certification Agreement (CCA) and the 1A contact rating is only available when mounted on the ECO potentiometer. NOTE This is a European and NOT an American certification.

Our Rotary Switch Certificate is here.

1A Contact Rating:

Note: The 1A contact rating is NOT available for mounting on the P16 or P20 potentiometer.

4A Contact Rating:

COMMON features:

Housing material: Glass filled polyester (UL 94 VO)
Initial contact resistance: 20 milliohms
Insulation resistance: 50,000 Megohms
Life (operations at full load): 10,000 minimum
Operating temperature: -25°C to +70°C
Operating torque for SPST/SPDT: 1.5 - 3 cNm
Operating torgue for DPST/DPDT: 3.0 - 6 cNm

Mechanical rotation: 300°
Proof voltage: 3kV minimum



eco rotary switch terminal layout Diagram as viewed on the rear of the switch module:
(Potentiometer terminals at the bottom)


spst switch configuration
SPST - Single pole (1S), Single throw (On-Off)
dpst switch configuration
DPST - Double pole (2S), Single throw (On-Off)
spdt switch configuration
SPDT - Single pole (1S), Double throw (CH)
(NOT certified)
dpdt switch configuration
DPDT - Double pole (2S), Double throw (CH)
(NOT certified)


1. Moving contact(s) shown when the potentiometer shaft is in a counterclockwise (CCW) position.
2. 'Ordinary Wiring'(OW) or 'Printed Circuit'(PC) terminals can be requested on the switch.
3. Terminals 1 and 3 are only fitted for the Double Throw ('CH' or Changeover) versions which are NOT approved nor certified.


H series switch function standardStandard (1A or 4A contact ratings)
N/O normally OPEN Switch
Contacts normally OPEN;
CLOCKwise rotation to CLOSE contacts
H series switch function option 1Option 1 (4A contact rating only)
N/C normally CLOSED Switch
Contacts normally CLOSED;
CLOCKwise rotation to OPEN contacts
H series switch function option 2Option 2 (4A contact rating only)
REVERSED N/O normally OPEN Switch
Contacts normally OPEN at fully clockwise position;
ANTI-clockwise rotation to CLOSE contacts
H series switch function option 3Option 3 (4A contact rating only)
REVERSED N/C normally CLOSED Switch
Contacts normally CLOSED at fully clockwise position;
ANTI-clockwise rotation to OPEN contacts
This information is supplied in good faith but the customer is politely reminded that it is their responsibility to check the suitability of our products for their particular application, production techniques and processes. Please note that all dimensions are for reference purposes only and, as it is the Company's policy to continuously improve our products, we reserve the right to incorporate changes without notice.